Our Mission

West Virginia Horse Network, INC. is committed to making a difference for horses. As individuals, the members of this group believe strongly in offering equines of all breeds a second chance and a new beginning. 
WVHN targets our efforts primarily in West Virginia.

At WVHN we are committed to helping the horses that WE have the most to offer. That includes basic training. We help horses in danger because they have not received proper training. We help horses that exhibit behaviors that would otherwise limit their chances of finding a safe home. Not every horse that you see pass through our network will show the "outward" signs of the neglect they have faced. Untrained horses or horses with a "bad reputation" are destined for a short, cruel life. We are committed to getting them back on the right path. 

WVHN helps horses that are in need physically because of neglect as well. 

WVHN attends horse auctions in West Virginia to monitor for horses that may need physical or emotional rehabilitation. We also help other horses that come across our path through social media, animal control, etc. as space in our network allows. 

WVHN will help owners screen potential new homes for horses that they are no longer able or willing to keep. 

WVHN members share our knowledge, experience and resources to help improve the relationship between horses and horse owners in our region. We also educate our followers about important issues regarding equine welfare. 

WVHN is committed to taking all steps possible to make certain our horses are placed in safe and permanent homes. 

West Virginia Horse Network, INC. is a relatively new group. We will only be able to accept a small number of horses into our "network" at any given time until we grow bigger. But if there is a horse in need we will do the best we can to help the horse find safe placement. 

WVHN will not take on more horses than we can handle financially. We will also not take on more horses than we have the time to properly care for. We spend FOCUSED one on one time with each and every horse, to make sure their nutritional, emotional, medical and training needs are being served. We form relationships with each horse. We feed their spirit, mind and body. 

West Virginia Horse Network is committed to community leadership and education. We believe that by actively educating current and future horse owners about proper horse care we can help prevent horses from needing rescue in the first place. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We also believe that by participating in and volunteering for community events that promote responsible horse ownership we can help change the culture and standards when it comes to the treatment of horses

West Virginia Horse Network, INC. was founded in October 2014 to help ensure the welfare of horses in the Mountain State. 
The idea to start WVHN was sparked when the people who would soon make up the membership of West Virginia Horse Network, INC., rallied passionately around a senior horse in need. 

In December 2014 we were officially recognized as a federal 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. We worked privately during those months to build WVHN. We officially launched to the public in January 2015. 

While West Virginia Horse Network, INC. as a group, is somewhat young the members of this group have nearly two centuries of combined horse experience. We are West Virginia natives dedicated to making a difference for horses in West Virginia. 
We are also fully committed to being proactive in preventing equine abuse and neglect through hands on education. 

Our Story