One of our most well loved and well known rescue horses - Clay Pony - passed away unexpectedly at his adoptive home in South Carolina following a freak accident in his paddock.

Clay had the absolute best life in his adoptive home and he was so deeply loved. His family is grieving as are his herd mates. His loss is felt by his extended rescue family here at West Virginia Horse Network as well. Many tears were shed for him. 

When we rescued Clay back in 2015 he was living chained to a tree. But we were able to help him make his way to a better life. During his time in the rescue he helped dozens of kids develop their horsemanship skills as he was a favorite among our Barn Buddies. He was adopted by a loving family in South Carolina in June 2016 where he lived a life of joy and happiness.

Please keep everyone who knew and loved him in your thoughts...especially his adoptive family.

You will be missed Clay Pony. You touched so many people in your short life.