Status: Rehabbing

Adoption Fee: $150.00 

Breed: Mini

Sex: Mare

Height: 9.3HH

Age:  15

She has severe cataract formation in both eyes. Our vet suspects she has chronic uveitis (although there is no inflammation at this time). She can see but it is likely cloudy.
We will be waiting another 3 weeks to have her teeth floated and get her booster vaccines. ...
She is slightly underweight at a body score of 4 (beneath all the fuzzy coat).

But...despite it all she is the best...honestly. Some of the young volunteers had her out yesterday and she was gentle as can be...despite vehicles coming and going...a basketball bouncing nearby....gun shots off in the distance...other horses out and about. She loves to be groomed....picks her feet up like a champ.

We know there is a special home...a special someone out there who will want to adopt this sweet girl...despite her challenges.