Sweet. Loving. Kind.

Those are the three words I think of when I think of Ellers. She was the sweetest little mare I’ve ever met. Every time I’d feed her, she would give me a snuggle before she ate, and directly after if I was still there. I could sit down in her stall with her for hours and she’d just rest her head right on me and start grooming my neck.

She was so full of energy. You could lunge her and lunge her and she’d still be going at a full-blown canter. She was so full of life and light. She had that spark in her eyes: that spark of intelligence, curiosity, wonder.
 She was very smart, just like her mommy (Summer), and would pick up on things so quickly.

Ella was one of the favorites around the barn.  She was so easy to learn with.  Always eager to please.  She had such a kind heart!   She will be loved always and missed by us all!