Volunteers are crucial to our organization in many ways. All help is appreciated by WVHN so if you feel you are capable of helping out in anyway, please fill out the Volunteer Application. 


Do you love horses, but you aren’t ready to adopt? You may be able to volunteer! 

At this time, a few of the horses belonging to the West Virginia Horse Network are living at our main barn in Dunbar, WV. The rest are housed in private foster facilities.  Volunteers are carefully screened to determine their capability and horse experience. If you have horse experience and are interested in helping out you can contact us at wvhorsenetwork@gmail.com and we can let you know what type of help we are currently in need of. You must be willing to attend an orientation and sign the handling riding release form. 
If you don’t feel like you are ready to work directly with the horses, but would still like to help out, we host several fundraisers throughout the year and can always use help at these events. 

Barn Buddies
Does your child love horses, but you aren’t sure about purchasing one for a number of reasons? Barn Buddies may be the perfect program for you. Barn Buddies is a program for children 5-18 years of age who would like to learn and work with horses.

Barn Buddies teaches children the basics about horse care, allows them to work one-on-one with the horses, and allows children to understand the responsibility of horse ownership. The program is designed to allow your child to learn basic care, training techniques, how to ride, and how to be a responsible individual through a number of activities. Barn Buddies also teaches your child how to be a leader in the community as well as teaching them respect for one another and how to be part of a team.

The Barn Buddies program allows an opportunity for kids to train horses, ride horses, compete in horse shows and other competitions at the barn and local horse shows, as well as allowing your child to express their ideas and creativity. Barn Buddies is a wonderful program for the horse lover and it allows children to understand what owning a horse is about. For parents, it allows you to see how truly devoted your child is to horses before you decide to purchase one of your own.

Barn Buddies are crucial to the West Virginia Horse Network as many of the horses have been trained by Barn Buddies in order to prepare them for their new homes. The Barn Buddies are also involved in many of the fundraisers for the WVHN, and help with the chores necessary to ensure the horses are properly cared for such as cleaning stalls, grooming, feeding, and watering the horses. Barn Buddies is a very rewarding program for any child who loves horses and is willing to participate actively in the program.