WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF? Was it months ago? Years ago? Never happened before?

Right now is YOUR time. You deserve this. 

A recent article in Cowgirl Magazine states if you own a horse, you might just live longer. There are many other benefits as well. So why not follow your dreams?


Some horses are harder to place than others. 
While adoption is our goal for every horse, special needs and senior horses have been the most difficult to place. Medical issues or age make them less attractive to potential adopters who are usually looking for a horse that can be ridden. Horses in this program are over the age of 20 and are considered “senior” or are younger horses who can't be ridden.


Lower adoption fees for eligible horses. 
Once you are a member of the Golden Day Club, you are eligible to adopt a GDC eligible horse for the special adoption fee of $100.00.

Gifts and prizes.

Along with the pleasure of having an awesome horse in your life, you will also receive a club packet (which includes t-shirts, decals, WVHN swag, and GDC information).

Community and support.

You will have access to a social group where you can chat about your adopted horse(s), post photos, voice accomplishments, and meet other members of the Golden Day Club and West Virginia Horse Network. If you need help learning how to take care of a horse before adoption, we can help with that too. 

Why not adopt two?
West Virginia Horse Network is offering a 50% off voucher for Golden Day Club adopters that can be used towards an adoption of any other available horse.


Join the club.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Golden Day Club family, please reach out to us at goldendayclub@gmail.com or via private message to West Virginia Horse Network.  This is the first step. From here we will get you started on the process. 

Find a horse that you love. 
You can browse through our available horses and the ones who qualify for the Golden Day Club program on our website. Horses that are in the GDC program will have the GDC logo and will be listed here under the Golden Day Club program tab.

Complete the adoption application.
You will need to complete our adoption application and be approved to adopt. We can help you through the process. You will also have to sign an adoption agreement. Don't worry, it is easy.
​Similar to the other horses who are available for adoption through West Virginia Horse Network, the horses that are a part of the Golden Day Club program are seeking homes with compassionate caregivers.

Remember this horse is for you to enjoy. 

You must be using this horse for your own enjoyment only. You must be the primary caretaker. It’s time to do something for YOU, remember? You will not be eligible to adopt through the Golden Day Club program and receive the discounted adoption rate if you are adopting the horse for someone else.


​Send us an email today. goldendayclub@gmail.com

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