She was laid to rest at her lovely foster home.

They say that every horse deserves once in their life to be loved by a little girl. While her life was short...our Holly Bug was loved by many a little girl. Especially her closest friend Cariana.

One of our first calls was to Germaine....a faithful supporter of ours. Holly was named after Germaine's daughter Holly who passed away. She believes that our Holly is now in the loving care of her namesake. We believe this to be true as well. And that gives us comfort.

Often times the right decision isn't the easy one.

Holly was born in rescue. Her mother Rose (along with several other horses) was found starving in a pasture in Roane County.

Since birth, Holly has struggled with loose stools and diarrhea. She has had countless vet visits. Our primary vet worked diligently and thoughtfully with Holly all of these months. We spared no expense. We tried everything our primary vet recommended.

Through most of these efforts Holly remained otherwise healthy. And we remained hopeful. But over the last few weeks she had started to struggle more.

She had the second colic episode in a matter of weeks. Our vet felt extreme measures of hauling her to a larger veterinary facility would not ultimately lead to a different outcome and that long term Holly would not be able to thrive and have a pain free life.

So we made the decision to help her pass peacefully.

Holly's foster family went above and beyond to care for her....sometimes sitting with her around the clock when she was on fluids or needing medicine every few hours.

Several of our volunteers who loved Holly were there with her to say goodbye and give her comfort.