Today we said “run up ahead and we’ll catch up” We didn’t say goodbye because we will see our boy, Remington, on the other side. 💔

Today we said go run those beautiful green pastures with Addy, Wuss, Holly Bug, Major, Ella, Stormy, Clay Pony, Toby, Buckshot and so many others that have gone on before you. 

Today our sweet beautiful boy, we said we love you and thank you for your love right back! You were one in a million and nothing I write could ever compare to what you meant to us or how truly wonderful you were and how happy we were with you in our lives. 

Today we knew was going to be the day that we had to help you cross the rainbow bridge because of lymphoma. 

Today your little body said I’m tired and I can no longer fight this. I think you held on just to make Kadence, your girl, happy. You were so brave and stoic until the end. But we knew you were tired, weak, and just done. 

Today our hearts shattered into a million tiny pieces while we talked to you until you took your last breath. Around 2:05 p.m. Heaven received our angel from here on earth. 

Today you took a piece of us with you that will never be filled or replaced. You will be missed always and forever 💔 Until we meet again, our sweet boy, run free of pain.