TOBY Was found running loose on a busy street. Our team spent many days catching him. He is a grade gelding. He is approximately 13 hands. Our local vet and a second team of veterinarians at OSU diagnosed him with heaves. He is in our retirement program.

With a heavy heart I must let you know Toby crossed the rainbow bridge. The vet prescribed a series of meds several weeks ago. The dose and combination of meds was her "Hail Mary" so to speak. She felt if anything were to make him better that would be it. She went back to check him today and found no improvement. Just the slight stress of getting haltered had him audibly out of breath. Having consulted with Deb earlier and in several days prior I followed the vets advice. We tried literally everything that western and eastern medicine had to offer over the last 2 years. This afternoon though Toby is in heaven with a new set of lungs running with Wuss and Addy. Please keep Deb in your thoughts and prayers